It used to be just for kids, but not anymore. ADHD: Not Just For Kids dispels the myths about this neurobiological syndrome that children and adults often live with unrecognized for years. Women especially tend to be ignored or misdiagnosed with depression.

Successful adults share stories of attempting to cope for years with a condition they never even knew they had. Specialists and researchers provide insight on current science and treatment.

One out of every 20 children have ADHD, and most of them will carry it into adulthood. ADHD: Not Just For Kids shows how it can be a recipe for failure and disaster, or a source of strength and creativity. It just has to be recognized in the first place.

Written & Directed by Michael McNamara, Produced by Markham Street Films.

Awards: 2018 Golden Sheaf Award Nominee – Best Science/Nature/Tech Documentary
Original Broadcaster: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Genre: Documentary, Science, Health
Canada Watch it Now: CBC – The Nature of Things
US and International: TVF International