who we are

Award winning Markham Street Films Inc., based in Toronto Canada, specializes in documentary one-offs, features and series as well as dramatic feature films & series. Partners Judy Holm and Michael McNamara are producing provocative yet humorous documentaries about social issues, the body and culture & entertainment. McNamara is a Gemini Award winning director, writer and editor while partner Judy Holm is a Gemini Award winning producer.

In addition to documentaries, McNamara has written and directed award-winning comedy and music specials, London and Broadway theatre film adaptations, live action and animation for children. He’s now writing a film adaption of the novel Heaven is Small. No awards yet for scratchy record-collecting.

Holm has produced documentary and drama with Markham Street after working in feature film distribution for over a decade and, prior to that, the fashion industry. She has written two feature comedy scripts, one about an inter-cultural marriage and one about aging fashion models. It is not called Catwalk.

After joining MSF in 2010, Aaron Hancox oversaw sales and distribution before heading up unscripted development and production. He became VP, Unscripted in 2016. Aaron is a cat person.

Judy Holm Co-President

Judy Holm

Michael McNamara Co-President

Michael McNamara

Aaron Hancox  Vice President, Unscripted

Aaron Hancox
Vice President, Unscripted